April 22, 2024


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Which Boat to Charter in the Caribbean?

Caribbean Yacht Charter | Yachts & Guide 2021/22 | CharterWorld

If you are planning to charter a boat in the Caribbean, there are many things you should make a note of. If you need a boat with a captain, he will be there to serve you. But, when it comes to cooking or serving food, you need to do it on your own. If you love cooking, you can prepare your meals and clean up too.

However, some people may not find this option appealing and hence they could choose the crew members as they can do the job of cooking, serving, and clearing your mess. It comes with an additional cost and if you need a relaxing trip, this option works best for you. Here are some tips to help you decide the kind of boat you can charter.

Type of Boat You Should Charter

Some of the options for chartering are power yachts and sailing yachts. Most of the sailing yachts are powered and choose a monohull yacht. These boats have a capacity of accommodating up to 11 passengers. However, if you are looking for a smooth ride, you can choose a catamaran. Such boats have more space and provide more stability with adequate space for larger groups too.

Key Tips to Charter a Boat

  • It is important to provide the boat you are planning to charter. You can stock it up with an adequate number of foods, beverages, snacks depending on the duration of your trip. Begin by carrying all the basic food items from home. You will also find some local markets where you can pick up basic stuff. But this depends on the location where you are sailing from. You can do a quick research on the accessibility to such markets beforehand. Most resorts, marinas, and ports of call do have some basic food options.
  • Keep some money aside as you may need to tip the captain and the crew members. Planning your itinerary before time helps to have a basic idea about the places you want to explore.
  • Do not over-pack as the cabins of the charter yachts are generally small and you will mostly spend time in casual t-shirts or bathing suits. You can carry some basic comfort clothing along with a special party outfit as it may come into use if you are planning a special dinner on the sea.
  • Carry a clothes dryer as you may not have a laundry facility available so easily. Never forget to carry your power cords for mobile phones and sunscreen for your skin especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Carry your passport along with other important travel-related documents especially if your travel consists of an international border crossing.
  • Renting a portable internet connection like a Wi-Fi hotspot will help you stay connected throughout the trip. Also, carry a spare phone if you already have one at home. If your phone stops working for some reason or gets misplaced, the spare phone works as a savior. These are some of the useful tips that you can consider if you are planning to charter a boat in the Caribbean.