May 22, 2024


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What are the Main Activities in Malta?

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Malta is an island country found in the Central Mediterranean Sea. This island is quite small but a leading global tourist attraction. This island has a rich history, as it played a key role as a base during World War II. 

Malta is among the top ten smallest countries globally, with just 315sq to its name. However, its small size does not prevent it from being one of the best tourist attraction venues. Below we discuss the top activities you can participate in when exploring Malta. 

Visit the Capital City 

Valetta is the capital city of Malta and has interesting sites to make your vacation more enjoyable. These sites have unique characters and stories, making them among the top attractions globally. Valetta was founded in 1565 by the St. Johns Knights after they won a war against the Turkish forces. 

The top activities in Valetta include the following;

  • Visit the Caravaggio Museum and paintings to learn about its prestigious cultures. 
  • Visit the Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens to relax while having a drink
  • Witness the change of guards once a month
  • Participate in group or private tours of the famous capital.

Visit the Mdina City 

Mdina is popularly known as the silent city, and it is an interesting blend of medieval and Baroque architecture. This city is known for its narrow streets, and one of its most famous assets, the Cathedral, hosts thousands of visitors annually. 

This city is found in the country’s capital, and the top activities to take part in include the following;

  • Visit the Palazzo Falson
  • Visit the iconic Mdina Dungeons.

Visit the Malta Beaches 

One of the top tourist attractions in Malta is the sandy beaches. Malta is surrounded by outstanding beaches that will enhance your tour experience. Besides these beaches, travelers can also visit numerous private pools and lidos. 

Malta has many sunshine hours compared to other European countries, making it ideal for enjoying the numerous beaches while learning about its culture. 

Take Part in the Local Feasts 

There are numerous village feasts in Malta which should not be missed at any cost. These feasts mainly occur between May and September, and the occupants celebrate these feasts with colorful decorations and fanfare. 

The following factors make the village feast special;

  • Thousands of visitors and occupants grace it
  • A designated tour takes you to the feast and expounds more about the country’s culture.
  • There are over one hundred feasts annually.

Blue Grotto Wied 

The Blue Grotto is an ideal location a few kilometers from the Zurrieq village. This location is found in South Malta and attracts many visitors due to the natural caverns. This destination is twenty minutes from the capital and is ideal for making your vacation worthwhile. 

The caves also have underwater colors that provide outstanding views to visitors.

Final Thoughts 

Malta is a small, yet one of the best tourist attraction sites globally.  This internationally recognized venue has ideal destinations to make your tour experience more fun. The above article has discussed the top activities in Malta, and more information is available online.