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Zimbabwe Tourist Destinations for Magnificent Holiday Tour

Zimbabwe Tourist Destinations for Magnificent Holiday Tour

Zimbabwe is a diverse country full of natural wonders. Zimbabwe basically means the “great house of stone”. Zimbabwe tourist destinations come with huge variety of activities. Zimbabwe as a country has a lot to offer to its visitors at large.

Harare is the commercial capital of Zimbabwe. It is a culturally vibrant and cosmopolitan place. Some of the popular attractions of Harare are; the National Gallery, Queen Victoria Museum, the busy Mbane Musika market, Botanical Garden, and Chapungu Kraal which is the traditional village. Harare is one of the major Zimbabwe tourist destinations.

Victoria Falls National Park is located at the east and south bank of the Zambezi River. It is one of the most popular falls in the world. This park features a rainforest with ferns, palms and liana vines. It is also home to many species of animals like white rhino, elephants, cape buffalo and hippopotamus. Victoria Falls is among the most important Zimbabwe tourist destinations visited by many tourists.

Bulawayo, the second largest city of Zimbabwe. The main attractions of this place are the good Railway museum which features a passenger coach dating back to 1904 and the National Museum.

Mount Nyangani, located at Nyanga National Park is Zimbabwe’s highest peak and is 8504 feet in height. It has many beautiful rivers and waterfalls which are the major attractions of this site. Some of the popular activities at this spot are the rock climbing and mountain hiking.

Naletale Ruins, found near Matabeleland display monuments made of stone masonry. Matobo National Park at Bulawayo is home to the famous Matobo hills and the Lake Matopos Recreational Park. It has different species of animals such as the rhinoceros, leopard and the sable antelope.

Bvumba Mountains are situated at the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The Bvumba Mountains are one of the most famous Zimbabwe tourist destinations. It has a casino, a golf course and a botanical garden.

Khami Ruins is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Zimbabwe. These ruins can be traced back from 13th century A.D. It is known for its stone walls and hut platforms.

Dhlo Dhlo Ruins found near Gweru consists of a town which dates back to 17th and 18th century. Here you will find houses made of wood-reinforced mud.

The food of Zimbabwe comes in different shades of color and flavor. Some of the popular dishes of Zimbabwe are; Sadza (porridge prepared from cornmeal and water), Nhedzi Soup, Bota, Whawha, Chibuku and Mazoe.