February 29, 2024


Unforgettable trip

West Coast US Travels: Grand Canyon Tour Experience

Ask anybody who lives here: Mornings and sunsets are the best times to see the best Grand Canyon colors!

And it’s the truth! We departed on the West Coast in Arizona at 8:00 am daily to take advantage of morning colors on Grand Canyon walls, and to avoid the heavy crowds and traffic jams of the day-visitors through Grand Canyon National Park.

We took some amazing pictures at our first viewpoint on the South Rim and the scenes got better from there. During our five and 1/2 hour tour, we were delighted to see spectacular views of the immense size, exploring the interesting geology of the Grand Canyon, observe some of the fascinating wildlife of the Grand Canyon ecosystem and uncover the history of man’s brief encounter with this Natural Wonder.

We also searched for the elusive, endangered California Condor, and have managed to find this rare species during our tours. Although nature does not generally give promises, we have discovered likely Condor activity during each tour!

Our Morning Colors Tour included a delicious picnic-style lunch, isolated from the crowds of other tours and tourists, and enjoyed from a remarkable, breathtaking vista.

This was an unforgettable tour, filled with excellent photo opportunities, packed with useful and interesting information about the Grand Canyon, abounding with unique views of Grand Canyon National Park, and complemented perfectly with a tasty picnic lunch enjoyed at it’s edge.

Escape the normal sunset crowds, and you’re rewarded with your own private sunset spot, away from the throngs of other sunset seekers.

Enjoy the solitude of a quiet sunset on the rim of one of the Natural Wonders of the World! We’ve found some of the most picturesque points, and want to share them with you! Watch for almost certain encounters with native wildlife, like Elk, Deer, or Coyotes, perhaps even the endangered California Condor!

Bring plenty of extra film, and dress appropriately for quickly changing weather conditions: long pants and a sweatshirt or jacket is recommended. Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. Tennis shoes are fine, walking shoes are good, too. Avoid wearing sandals.

This was by far one of the best tours I’ve ever taken.

The West Coast and Arizona offer some of the best sights of geological wonders that we’ve ever seen!