April 22, 2024


Unforgettable trip

Unforgettable Muay Thai at Phuket Island in Thailand

Muay Thai is alive in many countries on the planet and this can be clearly seen when looking WMO rankings. Although Muay Thai is now enthusiastically practiced in many countries this unique sport is still dominated by Thailand, the country where Muay Thai was born six centuries ago. There are currently seventeen weight divisions for male fighters and nine for female competitors. Currently the top ten Muay Thai countries in the world are Thailand, UK, Australia, France, USA, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Cyprus, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Canada and Argentina. Thailand dominates the sport with more than 300 fighters ranking across all the various divisions. This is followed by the UK with only thirty-three fighters across all divisions. Then follow Australia with 18 fighters, France with 17 and the USA with only eleven. These statistics should make it abundantly clear why Thailand continues to be the Muay Thai mecca of the world and why thousands of Muay Thai enthusiasts from all over the world spend weekends and holidays in one of the Muay Thai hotspots in Thailand learning this ancient martial arts discipline from one of the recognized Muay Thai masters.  

Thailand has it all 

This country continues to be one of the most popular destinations in south east Asia and there are many good reasons for the popularity of Thailand. The people are friendly, this is an extremely beautiful country with breathtaking sunsets and other natural wonders. The country has glorious beaches and idyllic islands which continues to be sought after holiday destinations. No less than two hundred Muay Thai training camps are scattered all across Thailand and everywhere there are luxurious accommodations available both for individuals and entire families. The fitness and weight loss benefits of Muay Thai continues to be one of the primary reasons why people come to Thailand. There can be no doubt that a vacation in Thailand can be a highly memorable and unforgettable experience and therefore it is not surprising that people keep on coming back. One of the best-known legends in Thailand is the one involving Nai Khanom Tom who is also widely recognized as the father of Muay Thai. This is why Muay Thai is celebrated on March 16 in his honor.  Phuket island is a beautiful in Thailand and there are many Muay Thai camps at Phuket Island. Suwit Muay Thai with extension mall is a Muay Thai camp for holiday at Phuket.  

A distinguished history  Muay Thai is still the national sport of Thailand and Muay Thai simply means Thai Boxing which is a form of martial arts which was first developed during the time of the Sukhothai Kingdom which existed during the thirteenth century. At this time, it was often the primary defense system used by the military to protect Thailand from invaders. One of the most revered Muay Thai champions of all times is the Muay Thai legend Saenchai who has continued to impress spectators throughout his long and spectacular career. He is widely recognized as one of the best fighters in his genre. He was involved in more than 340 professional fights and was a four-weight Lumpinee champion. He is honored all across the world but especially in Thailand his country of birth.