July 20, 2024


Unforgettable trip

Treat yourself to Vacation at a yoga retreat center in Portugal. Europe

Yoga Evolution Retreats has been offering Yoga Retreats & Yoga Holidays since 2008 as well as teacher training courses in yin yoga and qigong.

Situated in the foothills of the Serra Da Estela mountain range in Central Portugal, nestled just below the hilltop village of Amieira you will find Quinta Do Bacelo. The estate is very well known to the local people as being the home of the local padra with many of the locals having worked there many years ago.

The owners of the property Peter & Sue purchased the derelict houses and 7 hectares of land have carefully restored the houses into what is today a very vibrant retreat center where people can escape to for a well-earned break. With people flocking here from all over the world to practice yoga and meditation while being surrounded by nature and allows the healing sounds of mother earth to heal and retore their vitality before returning to the city.

The rooms in the many of the houses have been renovated to a very high standard with en-suit bathroom facilities and large comfortable beds for a good night’s sleep. The guest wake in the morning to the sound of the birds singing with over 62 species of birds it is quite a sound to behold.

The rhythm at the center is very relaxed and slow with the practice starting around 8am with qiging, meditation and yoga and 17.00 with yin yoga and gong baths in the evening. The practice can be quite physically and mentally demanding, but most people leave feeling like they have achieved a higher level of understand about the true benefits of a regular practice. Not only and understanding though, but a stronger foundation in the practices which can then be taken away and built upon.

The food is mainly vegan/vegetarian and is beautifully prepared by the chef who has been working in the space for a long time. The chef prepares food that enables guests to have a full detox but at the same time still eating tasty food that does not leave you with cravings. The chef is very away that if the balance of food is not correct then the body will start craving sugar.

Peter & Sue say if we are to create the changes in the world then we have to start looking at our own patterns of behaviour and habits and starting with the body and mind can have very long-lasting effects. This allows for us to have a long and happy life by practicing yoga, meditation and qigong which are all longevity practices. We are directly affecting the flow of qi that we have in the body. That allows the organs to function at their optimal level.

Taking a holistic approach to practice and living is somewhat of a fine art and the reason its called practice is because it takes a long time to become intimate with your own mind/body complex. But at the same time it is fun and life is the great teacher.

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