July 20, 2024


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Top Iceland Travel Destinations

Top Iceland Travel Destinations

Iceland is one of those trips that you never quite recover from; you will be forever changed by the beautiful landscape and friendliness of its people. No other trip you take will ever measure up to your Iceland vacation. Here are some of the top destinations you absolutely must include in your itinerary, in order to make the most of your vacation with your friend and family.

· Blue Lagoon: This man-made geothermal lake is a wonder and is considered to have natural healing properties. The water is a steady 40 degrees Celsius and is literally a clear, see-through aquamarine colour. Nowhere else on earth can you bathe in such warm water, and yet be surrounded by snow and ice. This is one of the most photographed spots in Iceland.

· Geysers: Strokkur geyser is one of the most famous and predictable geysers in the country, and erupts every 15 to 20 minutes, reaching a height of about 20 meters. Cold and hot springs surround it.

· The Westmann Islands: These islands have an abundance of wildlife; tours can be arranged to view the breathtaking landscape. In 1963, a volcano created the world’s youngest island, named Surtsey. This is truly paradise on earth.

· Lake Myvatn Conservation area: This is one of the most beautiful areas of Iceland. You can see bubbling mud flats, lava fields, volcanic craters and a stunningly blue lake. The waterfall of the Gods is also located in the park. It is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe, falling from 163 metres.

· Thingvellir National park: The country’s parliament was founded here in 930 and is an important part of the country’s history. This park is rich with wildlife, nature trails, lakes and rolling meadows.

· Arnesinga Folk Museum: Located in the village of Eyrarbkki, this building dates back to 1765 and is one of the oldest in Iceland. It was originally built for the Eyrabakki trading post merchants and their staff. It is considered one of the most remarkable buildings in the country.

· Glaciers: The Snaefellsjokull glacier is visible from the capital city on a clear day, even though it’s located over 60 miles away. This famous glacier is rich with lava caves, waterfalls, and hot springs. This is truly an amazing landscape with great coastal views.

There are many more parks and museums to see, and if you are a history buff, you’ll want to check as many as you have time for.