June 17, 2024


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Top Cyprus Travel Information Tips

After working hard all year most people look forward to a couple of weeks in the sun or the chance to visit some places of interest. Many of these lucky tourist will be visiting the beautiful Mediterranean Island paradise of Cyprus. Travel information and some useful tips from folks who have been there and done that could make your Cyprus holiday all the more memorable so read on. Often as not people book a holiday through the travel agent relying on them to get everything right. All without knowing anything about the resort they are going to or where their accommodation is in relation to the resort center. Cyprus travel information can therefore be invaluble especially if you are visiting the Island for the first time.

More and more visitors to Cyprus are booking separate flights, accommodation and even arranging their own airport transfers too. The growth in on line booking over the internet gives travelers access to instant price comparisons for everything needed to build their own holiday package. Cyprus flights can be booked either through charter companies or even using the growing number of scheduled operators. In fact it often pays to book direct with the airline and cut out the middle man or booking agent. Flying to Cyprus has never been easier with both charter and scheduled flights leaving most of the major U.K. airports two to three times every week. If you are prepared to travel a few extra miles to your departure airport you can make great saving on your flight to Cyprus.

There are two major Cyprus airports and choosing the wrong one could put at least a couple of hours on your transfer time so be sure to get it right. The West coast is served by Paphos airport making it ideal for transfers to Paphos itself, Limassol and the capital Nicosia. The smaller resorts of Polis and Pissouri are also located this side of Southern Cyprus too so if you are headed there be sure to fly into Paphos. Larnaca airport is situated on the East coast of the Island just outside of the resort town of Larnaca itself. From here you will gain easy access to all the resorts and towns right up to Protaras using the modern coastal motorway. Agia Napa, Pernera and Kapparis are all less than an hours drive away from Larnaca airport which is great news after a five hour flight.

Ask anyone for Cyprus travel information and they will nearly always advise you to hire a car. It’s the best way to get around the Island unless you want the added expense of taxis. There are buses but they aren’t a great deal of use unless you are on the main road and they only run between the main towns. You can kill two birds with one stone however if you prebook your Cyprus car rental on line and collect it at the airport. The average taxi fare works out at around cyp30.00 each way so logically that’s an instant saving of cyp60.00 if you return the car to the airport at the end of your holiday. It’s also advisable to use a company that has cars at the airport rather than the agents who offer to pick you up and drop you off. Even though their fee is all in the total price you are at their mercy when its time to leave for the airport. Not so good if you arrive at the check in just after the coaches unload and spend an hour queuing.

Another useful item of Cyprus travel information concerns the whole business of hire cars and some of the common mistakes holiday makers tend to make. Cyprus is hot! O.K. you knew that already but will you remember when it comes to selecting your Cyprus rental car? You would be surprised how many people forget to specify air conditioning when they book their car hire on line. They set off from the airport towards their accommodation, realize just how hot it is and start feverishly stabbing at all the buttons on the dashboard. Meanwhile the inside of the car is beginning to resemble a mobile sauna and the wife is giving them some serious ear ache. Ah well, at least the windows all wind down to let in plenty of that hot Cyprus air and they can always park in the shade. Those trendy jeeps and cabriolets look great too but you won’t look to good when the sun has burnt your scalp off. Choose air con and drop the hood in the evenings that way you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy your holidays and we hope you are able to make good use of this Cyprus travel information.