July 20, 2024


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Take The Pleasure of Travelling With Girikair

Take The Pleasure of Travelling With Girikair

We are a growing company established by aspirant pilots which deal in various tangents of aviation across the country. Our aim is to create a new level in air spaces in India. We provide New Delhi primarily deals in Air Charters, Air Ambulance, Helicopter Charterround Handling, Air Charter Permits, Operations, Trip Support, microlight flying.

If you take services from ours then the best services are provided. Most chips offer services at a rate if you service the airline services or Kedarnath yatra to get the best services. Our scope is also International.

Our services are

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Best of its kind charter booking platform allowing you to instantaneously book a private helicopter. Choose from a wide range of charters, schedule your trip and experience the best.

Girik Air helicopter charters have made travel over rough terrain easy and fast. This is the perfect way to travel as people in various walks of life have found out much to their happiness. Film crews shooting in tough locations, wedding parties, search and rescue teams, corporate teams visiting far-off sites, pilgrims going on yatras and celebrities wishing to travel in style or simply clubs organizing joyrides can benefit by calling in Girik Air for helicopter charters. Our pilots hold international certifications in helicopter handling and have hours of flying experience. We assure speedy, safe and timely air travel anywhere in India, short or medium distances, with the perfect helicopter to suit your needs.

We have expertise in flying critically ill patients with a fully trained team and all the essential life support equipments on very short notice.

When natural disasters strike, especially in terrain where traditional surface transport becomes impossible, it is Girik Air to the rescue. Till date we have rendered invaluable services in rescuing thousands of people from the most hazardous situations. If you are living at a distance from the finest healthcare facilities, our air ambulance service makes short work of distance and time. Air ambulance services from Girik Air have spelled difference life and death. Considering this as a crucial life-saving service we have kept rates low whereas our responses are extremely speedy to help provide timely succor. If you are anywhere in India and need air ambulance services, phone us. We offer air ambulance services to individuals, corporate and to hospitals.