June 17, 2024


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Relocating to Torremolinos

Looking for entertaining things to do and places to see when buying a Torremolinos property for sale?  Famous tourist destinations, top free activities, and enjoyable things to do in Torremolinos are all at your disposal. Explore iconic cities, seaside resorts, islands, and the countryside with recommendations for must-see locations and sightseeing advice.

Parque La Bateria

With over 74,000 square meters total, Torremolinos’ Parque La Bateria is the city’s largest green space. This stunning public park, well-liked by locals and visitors, features a sizable lake, jogging trails, bike routes, and a sizable children’s area. Over 500,000 people visit it each year.

The troubled past of the town is responsible for the park’s moniker. The park’s hilltop location provides a wonderful vantage point of the shore. Lookout towers and a fort were erected during the Moorish period (pre-8th century) to protect the region around Playa de la Carihuela from swashbuckling pirates.

The park’s main attraction is a 9,000m2 large artificial lake. There are designated running, and cycling paths around it, calmer treks in the nearby open spaces, and rowboat rentals are also available. The costs are very affordable.

Beaches of Torremolinos

The seven-kilometer-long, scenic coastline of Torremolinos is broken up into four main beaches. The numerous different activities and services that the beaches provide serve to define them. This length of coastline, accompanied by a lovely and consistently busy promenade, is a refuge for anyone looking for a relaxing and hassle-free beach vacation.

Its beaches are among the most beautiful in the area, with the Costa del Sol’s unparalleled scenery. The beautiful, protected seas are perfect for swimming, and the beach is pristine and well-kept.

Immerse Yourself in an Authentic Jurassic Experience

The dinosaur and paleontology exhibition is on view in Torremolinos’ Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones (Málaga) throughout July, August, and September.

All family members are sure to be amazed by the interactive exhibit. In addition to movies, there are more than 50 life-size displays, some of which reach heights of 12 meters, and mechanical dinosaurs come to life as you approach them. These exhibits offer an actual interactive trip through the time of the dinosaurs.