June 17, 2024


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Marinette County approves funds to support City of Marinette Airboat after reconsideration

Previous month the Marinette County Board of supervisors authorized contributing $43,900 to the City of Marinette in the direction of the acquire of a new 24 ft look for and rescue airboat with the caveat that the county be ready to use the airboat. However, at yesterday’s County Board assembly a motion was introduced forth by Supervisor Allen to rethink action taken by the County board to transfer the $43,900 to the City of Marinette for buy of the Airboat. Given that the Town of Marinette has recently allotted $500 for each staff for COVID-19 vaccinations making use of ARPA cash when they could have used their ARPA funds towards the funding of the airboat as a substitute of asking the County for funding. County Administrator John Lefebvre says, “the Metropolis of Marinette acquired $1.1 million in ARPA funding.”

Supervisor Ken Keller suggests, “there is a cause why the metropolis is searching for participation in the getting of the airboat.”

Just after a prolonged discussion, the board voted, and it arrived in at 14 in favor of the airboat to 13 not in favor.  The expected shipping date of the airboat is mid-January.