April 22, 2024


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Important things of Airport Arrival Procedure during Covid-19

Pesawat dan armada l Informasi Perjalanan l Cathay Pacific

The vaccinations are being offered at a rapid pace most countries have reopened for tourism and hospitality. The travelers are however required to be informed of the travel restrictions and updates for quarantine after arrival. Travelers can experience a smooth journey as they break into the clouds with Cathay Pacific which offers hassle-free procedures ensuring a peaceful tour.

 Few factors that ensure smooth traveling are:

  • The transit requirement must be fulfilled given the ongoing crisis. 
  • The travelers must complete their booking with a single itinerary. It means the ticket is one-way you are allowed to travel to your destination.
  • The baggage is handed over for checking after reaching the destination.
  • The travel shouldn’t exceed more than 24 hours before boarding connecting flight.

What to expect before you fly…

It is a common practice now, to keep a tab on health especially when you are traveling. Since the virus spread the transport industry took immense safety measures to ensure the passengers don’t contract any diseases while traveling. With stringent rules in place, there is an extremely low probability of virus transmission. Before you travel firstly make sure you get complete information of the rules at the destination. Because each country imposes a comprehensive set of guidelines about a tourist from a few countries. Every destination requires a specific medical record for patients who have recovered from Covid-19. These days all the airports follow health check-ups as a mandate which is required to be done before departure. Lastly, every passenger must wear a face mask from the time they enter the airport because the high traffic areas like boarding queues, security checks, etc. can impose high risks. It is done to enhance safety procedures and reduce virus threats. Additionally, some of the terminals insist the passengers have their own rightly fitted face masks so that effectiveness is not compromised.

Points to remember during hotel quarantine

  1. The travelers must make necessary bookings at the government-authorized quarantine hotels. There are many ways to book online yet the travelers must be informed about refund and money-back policies of the hotels to avoid losses in case of cancellation.
  2. The returnee or the visitor will be escorted by government transport to the hotel. The staff at the airport will assist over there.
  3. The hotels will provide meals during the stay which is already charged while booking. Extra charges may apply if you make other orders like takeaway delivery etc.
  4. The returnees must choose hotels that offer a suitable diet as per their choice for example if the returnee is Vegan he or she must look for hotels that have a Vegan diet available.
  5. Special arrangements like food delivered from home or family, food delivery from other restaurants, laundry service, and entertainment elements, etc. must be enquired before making reservations. 

As a returnee or a tourist, you may need to follow some basic procedures at the airport. Some of the things that will keep you worry-free are:

Arriving earlier than the schedule:

As the rules keep changing frequently it is better to reach the airport ahead of time. This will give you time to explore things that are required to complete the journey and to reach the destination safely. If you need to complete security checks or medical tests at the immigration center it may take a while because there will be other passengers waiting. So beat the last-minute anxiety and stress by arriving at least 2-3 hours early.

Keep the essentials with you:

Once you reach the airport and complete the arrival procedures the baggage must be handed over. Therefore have a handbag that includes some extremely vital items that you need. This may include currency, medicines, etc.

Stay organized:

Being organized always helps. This is a common skill that we all are taught, it can be put into practice in these crucial situations. At the terminal, there will be many documents and paperwork that you need to handle and keep ready to present in front of officials. Keeping a folder organized and handy will keep you calm in a stressful situation. 

Be ready with currency:

Traveling, in general, requires the tourist to be prepared with the right currency as it will be a huge problem if you don’t carry cash once you reach your destination.

Stay updated with the procedures and enjoy your travel!