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Fiji Travel Guide: Beaches

Fiji Travel Guide: Beaches

Fiji beaches are as appealing as any other famous beaches in the world. Since the country is situated in the tropical regions, it already has everything what beach-bound tourists exactly have in mind like warm and clear waters, colorful coral reef, and wide diversity of fish inhabitants.

Situated in the heart of the world’s biggest ocean, Fiji’s 300 islands have attracted thousands of visitors each year from its sandy white beaches to volcanic black beaches. Some of the most frequently visited white sand beaches are located in the main islands. Those with the finest of white sand are often found in the more remote smaller islands surrounded by coral reefs.

Yasawa Islands

The area is rich in natural attractions and is located in Fiji’s Western Division. It is an ideal place for snorkeling and diving and a favorite destination for backpackers. It is known for its rugged terrain as evidence of several volcanic formations remains. Famous for having one of the whitest sand in the world, the area actually consists of four regions; each has its own share of high peaks, jagged rocks, and deep blue waters.


It offers several diving and snorkeling opportunities in many of the diving spots in the area such as the Labyrinth, Coral Garden, and Devil’s Ledge. Other activities available that the adventurous traveler can try are sea kayaking, sail boating, and water and jet skiing, just to name a few. Tourists can also visit some of the archeological sites or go on jungle hikes with a tour guide who is familiar with the medicinal properties of some of the native plants.


This 2200 acre getaway has long nature trails that are ideal for hiking, walking, and jogging. But it is the snorkeling in the Koro Sea that attracts many visitors, particularly at the protected marine park Wakaya Reef. Amateur scuba divers who want to be certified are welcome to test abilities in the island. Sea kayaking is another fun workout activity in the island’s waters as well as deep-sea fishing. The island offers a more secluded, quiet experience for the guests, who will get to experience Fijian living in bures or local cottages.


The island is encircled by the Namena Barrier Reef, among the country’s untouched snorkeling and diving reef ecosystems. From afar the island is shaped like a dragon while up close it has soft, powdery white sand beaches. The Namena Barrier Reef is a world-renowned diving destination and is affirmed by several publications as one of Fiji’s top attractions. Each bure site in the island is carefully spaced to provide privacy for the holiday goers.

Fiji beaches are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, or any kind of water activity may it be black, white, or golden beaches.