April 22, 2024


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Beginners’ Snorkeling Tips To Help One Become A Pro

Once an individual starts snorkeling, there is no going back. When it comes to exploring everything in the depths of a sea, there is no end to it. Snorkeling is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. But it won’t be an easy task right from the first day. One needs to have proper skill sets to dive under the sea with a mask & a snorkel. This article covers everything related to snorkeling and how to master the art. Here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Snorkeling.

What is the basic equipment required for snorkeling?

One needs to get mentally prepared and well equipped before starting the journey of Snorkeling. Here is a list of items which are required for snorkeling:

  • Diving mask or Goggles- These specialized diving masks keep the water away from the eyes and provide clear visibility under the sea. A pair of good quality masks or goggles ensure a perfect fit and stays intact without getting loose while one is snorkeling under the sea.
  • Swim fins- Swim fins help to conserve energy and also help to glide and swim faster. Fins also help a lot when one individual is swimming against the current. As a beginner rather than investing in fins, one can also rent them.
  • Dive skin or wetsuit- The right kind of outfit is might for any activity.  A wet suit provides protection and warmth to the body, especially when snorkeling under cool water.  One can buy either short or full length suites.
  • A pair of special booties- There are specialized booties available in the market that can provide protection to the feet during snorkeling or scuba diving.
  • Floatation device- For added safety one can also use a floatation device such as an inflatable vest for snorkeling.
  • Snorkel- It’s a breathing tube which helps to breathe under the water.
  • Snorkel keeper- This particular equipment fastens the goggle or the diving mask to the snorkel & keeps them safely attached to each other.
  • Purge valve- a purge valve in a snorkel helps water to drain back out every time water gets into the snorkel.

Pro tip: Always try the equipment prior to the actual day to ensure proper fit & comfort. A rash guard is also recommended to protect the skin.

Beginner’s guide to normal Snorkeling

Here are some ways tips and tricks for snorkeling easily:

  • Find out a perfectly fitted and clear mask- To ensure that the mask fits perfect, one needs to press the mask to the face & breathe in via the nose. By letting it go, if the mask fits snuggly on the face that means it’s the right size. But also make sure not to fasten it too tightly on the face as it can cause headache & discomfort
  • One needs to get the excess water out of the mask whenever needed. To get water out one needs to pull the bottom of one’s mask away from his face & blow outward. Also one needs to breathe normally to stay relaxed underwater.
  • One needs to defog the mask with a baby shampoo or gel to get maximum visibility while diving underwater. There are also specialized defogging solutions that prevent the mask from getting fogged.
  • Fins make the mobility underwater more easy and smooth. Beginners should use full foot fins to glide and swim swiftly underwater.
  • The key to snorkeling is to master the breathing game. Breathing gets limited through tubes so beginners are recommended to take deep breaths to stay relaxed while floating under the water.

What are the Dos and Don’ts for beginners?

In this Beginner’s guide to Snorkeling there are certain dos and don’ts mentioned below that one should strictly follow.

·         Never touch the Corals- Often beginners end up touching the corals or kicking them while trying to float. Corals are living organisms and they should not be disturbed anyhow. So while trying to stay afloat ensure that you are touching or kicking any of them. What might look like a rock might be some underwater rare organism.

  • Do not take any underwater organism’s home.
  • Do not feed any fish.
  • Certain underwater species are poisonous therefore do not interfere with any creatures underneath the sea.


Snorkeling is one of the most soul-soothing activities on earth. Follow this beginner’s guide to snorkeling religiously and experience the depths of the sea smoothly.