July 20, 2024


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A Place you can call home in Ubud, Welcome to Aksari Resort

Ubud Resort
Ubud Resort

Here is a place in Ubud you can call home, welcome to Aksari Resort. You will feel so lucky to see this place, the feeling is like home. Aksari Ubud is a luxury Ubud resort perfect for a honeymoon and savoring intimate moments along with capturing a breathtaking view of the lush green forest from this resort.

Highlighting Aksari Resort as the place you can call home, the staff at Aksari Resort were really friendly and helpful, making everyone feel very welcome. As you just need to relax, the service was attentive and quick. 

Other than that, this Aksari Ubud is a fantastic and beautiful resort. All the rooms have a private pool to soak privately without any disturbance. You can also have a relaxing time in the bathtub perhaps while sipping the wine. Yet, add the experience of swimming at the infinity pool which is facing a breathtaking view. 

The room was also completed with limitless entertainment with Netflix. You can binge-watch your favorite movie or just play some music. Other than that, the room is set up with Alexa, a personal room assistant, so you can easily turn on or turn off the light only by commanding it with your voice. 

Enhancing your stay, you can join  morning session Yoga, there will be a yoga instructor that will guide you through the session. As Aksari Resort is located in the middle of the jungle, immerse yourself in nature and feel your breath. 

Ubud Resort
Ubud Resort

Features suite forest view, suite twin forest view, Aksari suite, one bedroom villa with a private infinity pool, royal one-bedroom river view villa with private pool, royal two-bedroom villa with private infinity pool.

Aksari resort is also completed with high-end facilities, such as a wedding venue, restaurant, bar lounge, yoga, public jacuzzi, and public swimming infinity pool which will only make a perfect holiday. With a romantic ambiance that blends with the sounds of nature and green valleys with lush rice fields, Aksari Resort Ubud is a suitable accommodation for a relaxation retreat. This resort is located at Kenderan Village, only 25 minutes from the center of Ubud, a strategic location for visiting several tourist attractions.

So, if you want to escape to a place you can call home in Ubud, come to Aksari Resort. Learn more about this Ubud resort on Instagram @aksariubud or contact here