December 6, 2023


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11 Amazing Island Beaches For Water Lovers

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Traveling the world during holidays, your honeymoon or for adventure brings a feeling of relaxation and fun. Water lovers who love swimming, diving, surfing or watching water animals, such as fish and sharks, have many options. You can use a map and search for the best island worldwide. That said, you can pack your gear and visit these amazing island beaches.

 Ilha Grande

Located in Brazil, this island beach is a calm place to be. The brown sand, clear blue water, and fantastic water temperature are why you should choose it as your destination. If you love snorkeling, you can dive deep at watch the shipwrecks dating many years ago. Then, after a long day in the deep waters, you can lie in the green jungle beside the water as you listen to the water sounds.


Maui is your go-to island beach if you love to snorkel, surrounded by tropical fish. It’s located in Hawaii, and most of the island’s adventure is conserved under State Marine Life and Bird Conservation. The Manta Ray snorkel big island is one of the famous destinations to dive into if you love underwater adventure. This fantastic place has other fun things to watch, including turtles and dolphins. The deeper you dive in, the more adventure you can enjoy watching, including collecting unique shells.

The Seychelles

Like any Manta Ray snorkel big island, Seychelles is an excellent choice if you love sea life. You can never get tired of wearing your gear and swimming in all 115 tiny islands. Adventure to see as you snorkel include parrot fish, surgeonfish and sea turtles. Before the day ends, you can sit on the rocks between the ocean and the jungle and peacefully breathe the cool breeze. 


The island is part of the Luis Pena Channel Natural Reserve. Despite being a tiny island, you can never get enough of what this place offers. After walking on the large stones along the island by the waters, you can wear your gear and dive deep into the clear waters. As you swim, you can watch the sea turtles and enjoy their behavior in the water.

Bora Bora

If you visit French Polynesia, have fun in Bora Bora, a beach island with so much to tempt you to visit more than once. You can watch many animal water species in the aquarium, a part of this island. Other things to engage in for fun include kayaking or canoeing by renting private boats. If you spend more time on the island, you can book several nights at the Sofitel Private Island Resort or the bungalows near the island.

Phi Phi Islands

Risk takers who love narrow waterways between cliffs, Phi Phi Islands in Thailand is your go-to beach island. If you use a bigger ship, you’ll enjoy the chills and feel anxious as the captain navigates the narrow water spaces. The green waters surround the cliff, and the view is better when the sun strikes. You can hire a boat and sail while taking photos or snorkel in the water to see what lies underneath the green water. After getting out of the water, you can watch the monkeys on top of the cliff and end full of peace.


One of the most famous diving island beaches worldwide is Sipadan on the Island of Borneo in Malaysia. If you choose to snorkel, be assured that your eyes won’t get enough of the underwater sea plants. You’ll see sea turtles and different sea fish species between the corals. Be assured that one day isn’t enough to have fun in Sipadan.

The Maldives

If you need to visit another manta ray snorkel big island, why don’t you visit The Maldives? This beach island stands out because it’s massive. It’s located in the Indian Ocean and has more than 1000 islands. Whether you love to snorkel or swim, you can explore the waters as you make stops in the most attractive spots. The more you dive in this clear water, you’ll enjoy seeing the Manta Point, HP Reef, and the Banana Reef. Other things in the water include manta rays and whale sharks. In addition, this island is ideal for families. As long as you have the right equipment, you’ll witness lots of underwater wonders.

Bazaruto Archipelago

Water lovers who are okay with going into almost inaccessible places can visit Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique. It comprises six beach islands, including Santa Carolina, Shell, Bazaruto, Magaruque, Bangue, and Benguerra. It’s also a National Park that attracts many visitors each year. Despite being a far coastal beauty, you can dive or snorkel, depending on your preference.


The Philippines boasts of Palawan, a beach island with too much to explore, whether alone or a group. However, it would be best if you didn’t miss getting into these waters because the island was listed as the best globally in the 2015 Readers’ Choice Award. The water is clear, and you’ll see many starfish if you take a boat trip. Then, you can extend your boar adventure to the neighboring Cowrie Island to see the sea snails and more starfish.


Bermuda is a historical beach island because of the wrecks found in its water. As you sail between the giant rocks, you can see the shipwrecks Montana, Lartington, and Constellation lying in the clear waters. You can visit this beach during winter or summer because the clear water always has something to give. However, sailing through Bermuda is more fun if you tour as a group with a guide helping you understand the history of the ships.

Bottom Line

Beach islands are must-go places if you love to snorkel or dive, and have a good time. As you swim through the clear waters, you can see the fish, sharks, coral, and reefs to keep you entertained during your trip. So if you treasure the sea, sand, and nature, why don’t you visit these beach islands and make memorable moments for a life time?