April 22, 2024


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Kenya Beaches and Safaris

Kenya beaches and safaris are some of the assured ways that your vacation in Africa will be enjoyable, fun and worth your time. To say that Kenya has beautiful beaches is simply an understatement. The beaches are just breathtaking. They are laid out in fine white sand and you will enjoy the azure blue waters lapping against your feet as you talk a leisurely stroll on these beaches.

Kenya beaches and safaris give you an opportunity to take a dip in the same blue waters of the Indian Ocean without a worry in the world. The coral reefs in the ocean create a protective shield for swimmers and people interested in water sports. In short, there is more to these safaris than just lying back and letting your skin soak the sun. Big-game fishing and scuba diving are some of the popular sports.

The Kenya beaches and safaris hold endless fun possibilities. From the far northern coast is Lamu beaches, Club Sun n’ Sand, Whitesands, Voyager beach resort, Mombasa Serena beach hotel and the Indian Ocean beach club. These are privately owned hotels which gives you the best beach experiences since they are located right next to the beaches.

The Kenya beaches and safaris will also take you to popular tourist beaches such as Watamu and Lamu. Here, in addition to having fun times on the beaches, you also learn much about the culture of the Swahili people and the history of the Kenyan coast.

Visiting Kenya is however incomplete without seeing the diverse flora and fauna contained in different parks throughout the country. As such, make the proper arrangements with your tour company just to make sure that you do not miss out on the fun of watching the big five in the Mara, among other interesting animals. Usually, tour companies will recommend a Kenya adventure holiday to the national parks with the beach holidays used to mark the end of your Kenya holiday safari.